Monday, February 12, 2007

Continued Workings

Right, So work continues as usually... and hopfully I'll keep this blog updated from now till term end.
This guy is from an assignment that I really enjoyed, plus it turned out great... Unfortunatly I really don't know how to photograph finished peices. The protective gloss seems to give a nice sheen, but it turns terrible when you use a flash on it.

before anybody questions... that is me with a blue mohawk...

as for the project work, I got alot of canvas' in the works. Some great, others not so much.... but here is a little taste of the next real update...

please keep sending me feedback... I really enjoy it, and take it into account when I'm correcting canvas'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey andrew!

i finally made it over here to check things out! oh, right, this is ben, by the way.

i actually lost your e-mail and blog adress, thank god for google's blog search.

anyway, i set up a tentative forum.

sign up and i'll make you an admin.

umm. also, my msn is

also, this stuff is awesome! that animation was especially cool, i haven't actually seen any of your comic boo pages before so it was really cool to finally get to.

i'm especially impressed with the lighting in them, they look amazing. can't wait to see it come together.

anyway, hit me back when you're done being hung over from todays intake, ha ha. ciao.

3/17/2007 9:54 PM  

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